What we do

In a world where most decisions are automated through data, there is ever growing need for understanding and transparency. We help NGOs and governments become data literate and data-driven in their decision making while actively developing and promoting ethical data practices and guidelines. We use our skills to build projects that have real, positive impact on social good. See our portfolio page and case studies to better understand what we do.



For Volunteers

We welcome everyone who wants to use their data skills to help us build a better world. We help our partner NGOs develop data driven solutions as well as build internal projects of our own. Volunteers from all skill levels are welcome. There is a place for everyone and you will be placed in an environment suitable to your level to collaborate with and learn from experienced volunteers.

If you are interested, please fill in the contact form below. We will reach out as soon as possible!




For Beneficiaries

If you represent an NGO looking to solve a challenge for the public benefit using data, we will help you organize, analyze and understand your data. We help you understand the data requirements of your project, develop a data acquisition and protection strategy and link you with volunteers who can bring your vision to life.

Our process

Scope the Challenge

We approach your challenge from the lens of data to understand. the data and solution requirements. Our main objective is to help you make a positive lasting impact, understanding the challenge inside-out is our first step.

Data Collection & Processing Strategy

We understand social problems come with sensitive information. In many cases, data acquisition and processing is even harder than a standard data project. We carefully design data collection strategy and curate data sources where needed. We help beneficiaries build an understanding of these concepts while actively building projects.

Project Development & Delivery

We match you with volunteers to build the designed solution. We actively work with beneficiaries to make sure we are working towards the same goal. We provide the technical resources and services, while the project is managed jointly by the beneficiary and DfG.


Main areas of activity

We in Data for Good - Bulgaria are ready to help with any data related challenges which are good for the public. Here are the most prominant areas where our skills bring the most positive impact.


We strongly believe that the key to securing the future of society is high quality education accessible to every person. That is why it is our priority to help organizations working for improving the quality and accessibility of education.


The preservation of waters, forests and mountains is extremely important for maintaining the biodiversity and the long-term co-existance of humans and nature. That is why we help organizations working for the protection of the natural environment and the investigation of global and local risk factors.


Ensuring the good functioning of the democratic processes is paramount for improving the quality of life in the society. That is why we help organizations which monitor and correct the processes related to freedom of speech, transparency and all other aspects of the democratic society.


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