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Parliamentary elections April 2023 - preferential vote by party

Author: Nikola Tulechki  


Graphs of the preferential vote in the parliamentary elections.

These infographics show the distribution of the preferential vote for each party in the election on 02.04.2023.

Each row represents the candidate list in a constituency. Each round is a separate candidate, and their order is the same as the order of the candidates on the list. The larger the circle, the more preferences the candidate has received. The circles are not proportional from party to party.

The graphics are interactive. Clicking the mouse on an individual circle shows the candidate’s preferences section by section, and their relation to the total vote for the party in the section.

Coalition GERB - SDS

Coalition We Continue the Change / Democratic Bulgaria

PP Revival

PP Movement for Rights and Freedoms

Coalition Bulgarian Socialist Party for Bulgaria

PP There Is Such A People

The graphs and the underlying data may be used under the terms of the open licence CC-BY.