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Analysis of existing barriers to participation in kindergartens - a project in cooperation with TSA



Collection and analysis of data on existing barriers to participation in kindergartens January 13, 2023 - August 31, 2023

Access to quality early childhood education and care services is key to every child’s development and subsequent success in school. Although important measures were taken in 2020 to overcome financial barriers to access to kindergartens, there are still a number of barriers preventing many children under 7 from accessing early learning and care services, especially children under 4 years that are not covered in obligatory preschool education. These barriers are related to the lack of services, the geographical distance of the services from the home, the lack of provided transport or its inadequacy for young children. In relation to the mission and goals of the Foundation “Trust for Social Achievement” (TSA) to support evidence-based public policies and measures and to overcome educational inequalities and poverty, the TSA team needs reliable data about the scale of the problem, which to enable the outlining and piloting of possible solutions, as well as working with institutions and stakeholders and advocating to find appropriate national and municipal measures and solutions.

“Data for Good” is a partner of the TSA in this initiative. The association works on the task of locating settlements where children do not have adequate access to early education services. The project has several phases, covering the formulation of the research questions, the preparation of a strategy for collecting the necessary data, communication with the relevant institutions, processing, cleaning, integrating and analyzing the obtained datasets.

The aim is to process the data in a way that will allow the research questions to be answered. TSA will be able to use the results in making decisions and preparing strategies for further actions to help ensure equal access to early childhood education for all children in the country with a focus on children from underprivileged communities.

The collected and processed data will be available after the completion of the project.

The project is financed by the Trust for Social Achievement.


More information about the activities of the Trust for Social Achievement in the field of early childhood development can be found here.