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What is Data for Good Bulgaria

Author: Nikola Tulechki  


We are Data for Good - Bulgaria. Our goal is to support the civil sector in Bulgaria by providing services related to data processing and data analysis.

What is Data for Good - Bulgaria

Data for Good - Bulgaria (DfG) is a non-government organization serving for the public benefit. We create a community of specialists and supporters experienced in data work to develop publicly significant projects and support organizations in the non-government sector to tackle challenges in knowledge discovery from data.

Why we created Data for Good - Bulgaria

We believe that high quality data plays key role in supporting the good management and sustainability of each organization. We know how hard it is to maintain, access and process good quality data and how distant that work might be from the main domain of expertise of some organizations. That is the reason why we created this NGO - to actively support the members of the civil sector who work for solving problems with significant public impact and who do not have the necessary resources and skills for working with data.

About the access and sharing of data

We know that sharing data between public institutions and civil organizations is essential for the development of a modern democratic society. That is why Data for Good - Bulgaria encourages, supports, and exhibits “data altruism”. This way we gradually build an environment where the increase of volume and reusability of high quality open data are encouraged and become easier and less problematic.

About the data and education

We are convinced that the functional literacy depends more and more on the ability to understand datasets with ever increasing complexity. That is why Data for Good - Bulgaria provides resources and competences for educational initiatives related to improving the skills for working with data.

About the quality and reusability of data

Compliance to the established norms and standards is essential when sharing data. This ensures its reusability, compatibility with other datasets, and overall preservation of its value over time. That is why one of the additional goals of Data for Good - Bulgaria is to participate in the public debate related to the problems of preparation, publishing, sharing, and maintenance of open datasets.